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His Personal Life


Walter Dixon was head-over-bells in love with life and everything in it. Born in Rochester, NY on March 10, 1926, the only child of parents whose era had long since passed, he was gently raised to appreciate every beautiful thing life had to offer: music, art, literature, architecture and all aspects of nature. But most of all he learned to appreciate the power and beauty of love.

Mr. & Mrs Walter W. Dixon Sr.

After graduating from the Harley school in 1944, Walter enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served on a destroyer in the Pacific Theater. In 1946 he resumed his studies graduating from Hobart College in 1950 with a BA in English and Sociology.

For most of his adult years, Walter lived in a rambling old house on the shores of Lake Ontario surrounded by acres of woodlands, wetlands, steep banks and shoreline in a quiet little suburb of Rochester, NY.

...And may we ever be alert to hear a friendly ring.

It was to this house that he brought his bride, Sheron, in April of 1965 and it was in this house that they raised their two children, Paris and Walter III, entertained family and friends and cared for a number of dearly loved family pets.

Walter often remarked to friends that, aside from his home, there were only three things in this world he aspired to own: a terrific sound system, a great piano and his extraordinary automobile. Having acquired all three he deemed himself a very fortunate man. The sound system and piano were well used, as music was an essential part of their family life.

As for the extraordinary car, no narrative of Walter’s life would be complete without recalling his love affair with his 1954 XK120 racing Jaguar. There were only 50 Jaguars with modified engines imported into the U.S. that year and Walter’s was one of them.

The brass plaque on the dashboard certified the car to be an exact replica of the Jaguar that reached a speed of 143.44 mph in the Jabberke, Belgium race on March 22, 1953. Walter never let anyone drive his Jaguar but he made an exception with Stirling Moss. He liked telling the story of how Stirling engraved his signature on that brass plaque after taking the car out for a "test drive."

Click here for the sound of Walter’s Jaguar as it wakes up slowly and stretches like a cat before springing into action.”

Walter courted his bride in that car and she quickly learned that traveling in the Jaguar wasn’t a trip; it was a moment of high adventure. Ah, the smell of hot oil, the snarl of the engine, the thrill of rocketing down empty back roads at speeds up to 120 mph. The experience was total! Walter’s stories of his Jaguar adventures abounded and he was always happy to share them with friends and strangers alike. And he had ample opportunity to do so for wherever we went people always approached wanting to talk about the car. Throughout his life he took pride in maintaining his Jaguar in its original condition.

Mention must also be made of Walter’s deep affection for the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine where he vacationed every summer with his family for over thirty years. Walter loved everything about the Colony, the ambience, the guests who returned year after year, the candlelight dinners with spectacular sunsets and breathtaking views of the ocean, evenings on the porch with a good cigar and stimulating conversation.

But most of all, he loved the putting green and playing the piano for his family and friends. It is hoped that this album will allow his Colony friends to, once again, enjoy the magic of an evening with Walter Dixon.

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